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Inspiring our future generation of inventors

Welcome Video

Welcome Video
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Who are we?

What is the Arduino Contest?

SSCS is running a competition throughout the USA and Canada

challenging high-school and undergraduate students to compete for


Our Mission

To show how fun and easy electronics can be!

Join Us

as we learn to program Arduino microcontrollers

and use numerous sensors, actuators, controls, and displays.

We supply:

Tools  •  Lessons  •  Motivation
All you need is:

Courage to take the first step!

How it works:

1. Join it

Take this journey solo, or bring your friends along for the ride!

Register your teams of up to three students.

2. Get it

Do you not yet own an Arduino?

Navigate to our Products tab to pick up a starter pack.

Too expensive?

Log in and navigate to our Help Procuring Kits tab.

3. Learn it

Navigate to our Tutorials  tab to find short five-minute tutorials

and become an expert Arduino-nian.

4. Think it

 Every season, a new theme is chosen. This season:
Come up with an innovative musical instrument that will blow us away! Need inspiration? Navigate to our Inspiration tab!

5. Build it

Make your idea come to life! This season, you may use:

  • 1 servo motor

  • 1 ultrasonic ranging sensor

  • 1 photo-resistor sensor

  • 1 piezo buzzer

  • 1 Atmega microcontroller

  • 1 breadboard

  • Wires

  • Resistors & capacitors

  • 3 potentiometers

  • 1 number pad

  • 4 push-buttons

  • 2 switches

  • 4 transistors

  • 1 DC motor

Snaz up your designs with whatever non-electronic materials you wish!

6. Show it

Log in and navigate to our Submission tab to upload your three-minute video! Remember to include:

  1. A team introduction

  2. The school and country you are representing

  3. A demonstration

  4. Discuss one challenge you faced and how you overcame it

Deadline: August 15, 2023

7. Win it

Win HUGE cash prizes and WORLDWIDE recognition!

Navigate to our Winners tab to find the list of awards and

give tribute to our past winners!

Have a question? We are here to help!

Navigate to our Our Team tab to contact us!

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