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Our Team

Jeremy Martin.jpg

SSCS Arduino Contest Chair:

Jeremy Cosson-Martin

Ali Sheikholeslami.jpg

SSCS Vice President of Education:

Ali Sheikholeslami

Adam Greenberg.jpg

SSCS Executive Director:

Adam Greenberg

Aeisha VanBuskirk.jpg

SSCS Senior Staff Administrator:

Aeisha Gauba VanBuskirk

Sandra Veljkovic_edited_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Sandra Veljkovic

Jeffery Wilcox_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Jeffrey Wilcox

Elizabeth Polito_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Elizabeth Polito

Rahul Sharma_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Rahul Sharma

Irshan Akhtar.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Irshan Akhtar

Francisca Donoso.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Francisca Donoso

Brahim Mezghani_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Brahim Mezghani

Varun Kakar.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Varun Kakar

Faraz Imran_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Faraz Imran

Hunain Memon_edited.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Muhammad Hunain Memon

Laura Cortez.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Laura Ocampo Cortez

Carlos Guio.jpg

Student Ambassador:

Carlos Guio


SSCS would like to acknowledge the Guru Krupa Foundation for its generous donation to this initiative.


SSCS would like to acknowledge the The Signal Path for its generous donation to this initiative.


SSCS would like to acknowledge Arduino for its collaboration in this initiative.

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